The final 10 have been selected and now it’s your turn to vote. After months of searching, The Golf Channel, Golf Digest and Dean Reinmuth are now ready to turn the swings over to the public to vote for the World’s Worst Swing!!! The winner will receive a series of lessons from Dean Reinmuth and appear on the Golf Channel with Reinmuth and in Golf Digest Magazine allowing everyone to follow the transformation of the World’s Worst Swing Winner chosen by his/her peers. Reinmuth hopes to turn that dreadful swing into a masterpiece.
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Top 10 Finalists

Outake #1 – Alan Matusevich

Outake #2 – Jim Fiorenzi

Outake #3 – Bobby Silvest

Outake #4 – Country Craig

Outake #5 – Brian Weir

Outake #6 – Steve Siet

Outake #7 – Al Scott

Outake #8 – Pat Diederich

Outake #9 – Ivan Ovensby

Outake #10 – Shane Eck