Teaching Professional Dean Reinmuth is searching for the world’s worst swing.

Think you’ve seen one that qualifies? Does it belong to someone at your home course? One of your golf buddies? Is it yours?! Then tell us about it. Better yet, show it to us! Here’s how…

Rules & Regulations

All nominees will be reviewed  by Reinmuth and a select panel of experts to
determine the Top 10 finalists. The  public will vote via the Internet for
their choice as the World’s Worst Swing.  The winner will then appear on The Golf Channel with Reinmuth on June 6, 2005,  followed by personal instruction from Reinmuth, the results of which will appear  in Golf Digest and in a series of Golf Channel broadcasts.

To  qualify for the World’s Worst Swing contest, a golfer must be an
experienced,  avid player who employs the swing for full shots on the golf course during usual  play. No trick or phony swings allowed! Their local PGA professional will verify  the swings of all finalists. Entries must be accompanied by complete contact  information (mailing address, daytime phone number and e-mail address, if  possible) of the submittee and the worst swing candidate (if different from  submittee), as well as the contact information of a local golf professional.

Deadline for entry is March 25, 2005. For more about  signing up for the
Search for the World’s Worst Swing, tune in to The Golf  Channel, Monday, Jan. 24 at 8 p.m. EST.

Golf Digest can not guarantee return  of any materials submitted as part of
the entry process to this  contest. All tapes, cd‚s, dvd‚s become property of The Golf Channel and Golf Digest for all purposes.